Martial Virtues Academy of Soo Bahk Do
Member school of the US Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation Inc.
Linwood Recreation Center • 860 St. Clair Ave • Saint Paul • MN
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Tuition Offerings

We are pleased to offer a selection of TUTION packages.

Please note that all tuition is PRE-PAY and due on the 1st class of that tuition program.  Refunds are not offered.  Students may attend up to two classes weekly for the same tuition price (the more you attend, the better your value and the more you will learn!).


First Time Student

Children (completed kindergarten and older), Teens and Adults

Introductory 4-week program with specialized instruction tailored to first-timers.  Includes all lessons and uniform.

Family discounts available for immediate family members for uniform purchases

Price: $35.00 to Linwood for Tuition; $25 to "Mike Kelly" for Uniform

Individual Single-Month Tuition (On-Going instruction - Month to Month)

Children, Teens and Adults

On-going classes, up to twice per week.  Please see the schedule of class times for details on times.

Price: $50.00