Martial Virtues Academy of Soo Bahk Do
Member school of the US Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation Inc.
Linwood Recreation Center • 860 St. Clair Ave • Saint Paul • MN (Tuesdays) / Palace Community Center • 781 Palace Ave • Saint Paul • MN (Saturdays)
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Requirement Sheets - GUP Levels:

9th Gup - White Belt with blue stripe

8th Gup - Orange Belt

7th Gup - Orange Belt with blue stripe

6th Gup - Green Belt

5th Gup - Green belt one stripe

4th Gup - Green belt two stripes

3rd Gup - Red Belt

2nd Gup - Red belt one stripe

1st Gup - Red belt two strips


Requirement Sheets - DAN Levels:

Cho Dan - Midnight Blue belt (black belt)

Ee Dan - 2nd Degree Midnight Blue belt (2nd degree black)

Sam Dan - 3rd Degree Midnight Blue belt (3rd degree black)